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Creative innovator Jean-Christophe Chopin, CEO of global market network BORN, explains why building a brand is such a hard thing to do A serial entrepreneur with a string of big-hitting business successes to his credit, Frenchman Jean-Christophe Chopin is the man behind BORN, the world’s largest digital platform for design-led products. Previously, the former downhill… Read more »

“I thought I would never work again”

Kim Palmer, the app creator with a background in consumer marketing, took what she learned from hypnotherapy to create a brand that helps women. The idea for the Clementine app came to Kim Palmer while she was working in a stressful corporate environment. She started having panic attacks and, after discovering hypnotherapy, decided to build… Read more »

“I ignored my instinct and lost out financially”

Interior designer Hollie Bowden had to learn that setting boundaries and managing expectations makes work run smoother in the long run. If you make and sell products, there isn’t much room for dispute when it comes to getting paid. But if your business offers a more creative service, subjectivity can come into play, as interior… Read more »

“I was afraid for the future”

Joanne Starkman worried she wouldn’t always be able to care for her daughter, but launching an ethical business gave her a new perspective Joanne and Greg Starkman’s daughter Morgan was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder called Williams syndrome when she was two. While the diagnosis initially rocked the couple’s world, they found the drive… Read more »

“I ignored the warning signs on a huge deal”

Forging strong alliances is part of the job for Benoit Balagny, a director at video-streaming service Rakuten TV, so he’s learned to think long term As European business development director for Rakuten TV, much of Benoit Balagny’s job is about making deals. And, while that involves a certain amount of salesmanship, he learned early on… Read more »

“I left my company just before it sold for $3BN”

Swedish CEO Ola Sars missed a mega payday by walking away from beats music just before an Apple buyout – and he doesn’t regret it for a second. Today, Ola Sars is CEO and co-founder of Soundtrack Your Brand, the world’s fastest-growing background-music streaming business. It’s a high-profile pressure cooker of a position, but it’s… Read more »

“I didn’t dare to try…”

It took businessman Gérard-Philippe Mabillard decades to find the courage to uncork his creative juices. He might have felt secure in business, jumping from the thermal baths industry to designer watches to wine, but feeling like he wasn’t a legitimate photographer held Gérard- Philippe Mabillard back from realising his best ideas. Now, the 53-year-old director… Read more »

“We forgot to brand our own event”

Pizza-making businesswoman Manon van Essen got so carried away creating an unforgettable publicity event, she neglected to mention the company name Handwritten digital greeting cards and cauliflower crust pizza may not appear to have much in common, but to Netherlands-based entrepreneur Manon van Essen, they represented opportunity. She built and sold her first business in… Read more »

“We had too many plates spinning…”

For the sibling founders of the Luckytrip travel app, family fortune means leaving politeness at the door On the face of it, two entrepreneurs working alongside each other should mean double the output, but the opposite was true for brothers Tiff and Alex Burns. Here, the London-based founders of the LuckyTrip travel app explain how… Read more »

“I moved my family into a caravan…”

Following your dreams can mean having to drag others with you, says gin maker Hamish Martin An entrepreneur who operates on gut feel and the changing seasons, rather than balance sheets and business plans, 50-year old Hamish Martin runs the Secret Herb Garden, a specialist nursery on the outskirts of Edinburgh, and The Old Curiosity… Read more »