How, who for and why

How we bring out
the best in your business

With well over 20 years’ experience of helping brands to shine online and offline, we believe that the best, most effective creative is built around a compelling message. Language is the key.

So we’ll ask the questions that will help define what your organisation is all about and what you’re trying to achieve, before turning your (perhaps complex) proposition into a narrative that your audience will want to engage with.


Over the years we’ve interviewed thousands of experts from any and every industry to find out what makes their organisations tick. This is the beating heart of what we do and it’s behind how we get the very best results; it’s only by understanding an organisation and discovering the drivers, influences and audiences that we can create a brand that really resonates.

By listening deeply and learning what drives your audiences’ behaviour, we can influence them through language and design.

It’s a proven marketing process that ensures the best results.

Your R.O.I.
Matters to us

At SIM7, our mission is to produce creative work that delivers quantifiable returns. We know that branding and design can have a transformative impact on a company’s bottom line – as our track record proves. Over the years we’ve:

Transformed a town development plan into a vibrant community identity; rolled out a rebrand for a national charity; created a multi-channel marketing campaign for a national industry awards event; created impossible-to-resist exhibition stands and experiences; supplied a series of start-ups with compelling brand collateral; devised a social media campaign for a office refurbishment company; scripted mood films for an international business school; designed and launched an industry-leading app; breathed new life into the brands of estate agents across the country; developed a host of B2B websites; helped a local charity to step up to the next stage in its growth…

...The list goes on.

Who we've
done it for

Commercial awareness
you can count on

Unlike other agencies, we don’t have staff on the payroll. We only use trusted, independent brand specialists with years under their creative belts and a solid understanding of what it takes to run a business.

The bottom line? We know the creative strategies that make business sense and we’ll never ask you to invest in something we don’t believe in ourselves.

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Ideas coming out of a head

Our experts
are your assets

Talking of our team, we only use trusted, independent specialists (AKA: brand superheroes) with several years under their creative belts and we regularly swell our ranks to 20 within a day. For us, flexing our team to meet the demands of a project is not a challenge, it’s a pleasure.

And finally:

All of us at SIM7 love what we do and what gets us up in the morning is creating the sort of work that gets delighted calls from clients, high-fives in the studio and admiring glances from our peers. We’re lucky enough to have our dream jobs and we know that, if we want to keep them, we need to do them well.

The result? Happy clients
and a happy team.

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